Welcome to our new lab members!

October 14, 2021

We’ve recently had multiple new members join the lab this semester!

Welcome to Madhumanti Dasgupta - who joins us from Indian Institute of Science in Bengaluru where she received her Ph.D. in Prof. Varsha Singh’s lab. We are very thankful to have Madhu’s C. elegans and microbiology expertise in the lab!

MCDB major Andrew Jackson III has also joined the lab for his senior thesis. Andrew will be working on the ways in which microbial co-cultures produce metabolites that impact the host nervous system. 

Also first year MCGD rotation student JoAnne Villagrana joins us for her first rotation. JoAnne is using her previous experience in environmental sampling and genomics analysis in aquatic microbes to tackle questions about how feeding preference impacts microbial colonization. 

Welcome everyone!